Artist Statement

The work is a place where physical, historical en tactile aspects of the space meet and blend with the presence of the visitor. The visitors contribute to the interactive installations with their weight, breath, movement, sweat and voice. All the characteristics of the space, such as resonans, humidity and temperature, are examined. Existing equipment is analysed, dissected and brought back together in an experimental setup.



2014-2018 Fine Art: Base for Experiment, Art and Research ArtEZ Arnhem


Group Exhibitions

2015 ‘De toekomst - Blauwdruk’, Fluor, Amersfoort

2016 ‘The Age of Ritalin’, De Kring, Amsterdam

2016  ‘Wentelteefjes', Brigant Arnhem

2017  ‘Het Stijlpaviljoen’, Trapezium, Amersfoort

2017  ‘Basement Rocks - Blauwdruk’, De Soeverein, Amersfoort

2017  ‘A Mild Obsession’, BOKA, Arnhem

2018 ‘Affect/Affection’, Artez Arnhem

2018 ‘A Necessity For Honest Playfulness’, De Melkfabriek, Arnhem

2018 ‘With All Due Respect’, Artez Arnhem





Wentelteefjes Collective


Wentelteefjes is an Arnhem based collective,

which offers young artists a display to show their work.

Katinka Zonneveld, Romar de Bonte,

Chantal van Lieshout & Rikke ter Horst



Wentelteefjes #01, Brigant, Arnhem 17-02-2018

Wentelteefjes #02, Brigant, Arnhem 21-10-2017

Wentelteefjes #03, Bar de Groen, Arnhem 19-05-2017

Wentelteefjes #04, Bar de Groen, Arnhem 15-12-2016